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DevOps Beratung

Your daily work routine?

Manual workflows, sluggish release processes, error messages after every launch, communication gaps in the team. Does that sound familiar?

There is another way.

DevOps transforms culture and processes, strengthens team collaboration, eliminates inefficiencies, and accelerates releases. In the course of our consulting, we identify these processes, optimize them and integrate them seamlessly into your company.

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Your Advantages

Accelerated time to market

Get your product faster to the customer.


Smooth growth, adaptable at any time.

Optimized processes

More output with less effort.

Minimized errors

Less downtime, more uptime.

Does DevOps make sense for my business?

You are not alone with this question. Every company is unique and that is exactly what we take into account in our consulting. We help you to answer this question individually for your company.

If you are still unsure, take advantage of our growing community and let's figure it out together

DevOps Beratung

Your Path to Success


Understand and define

First, we dive deep into your specific challenges. Together, we identify your pain points and sketch a precise DevOps picture. We're all about not only shedding light on the basics of DevOps, but defining its relevance to your unique business model.

Tools and integration

Customized solutions need the right tools. Our experts analyze and recommend the best tools to establish an end-to-end pipeline tailored to your business.

Optimization and training

With years of practical and theoretical experience, we not only provide consulting, but also prepare your team for all challenges through customized DevOps training.

Roadmap and growth

With a clearly defined roadmap, we put you on the path to sustainable growth. Our consulting approach ensures that DevOps is not just a one-time implementation, but becomes a permanent culture of optimization in your company.
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Your competent Partners

We bring a decade of theory and practice, combined with a passion for software development, directly to your business.

Lukas Aichbauer Profilbild


An accomplished developer with a passion for open source and a deep understanding of DevOps. His goal is to perfect DevOps processes and turn theories into concrete results. As a lecturer at the FH Technikum Wien, he skillfully combined theory and practice. Today, he applies his wealth of experience right where it makes the biggest difference: directly in your business.

Ivan Popovic Profilbild


The bridge builder between technology and business. His fullstack background and talent for product development and project management make him your ideal partner on the journey from concept to launch. With an eye for detail and an intuitive understanding of business challenges, he supports your project not only technically but also strategically.

Jan Profilbild


Do you dream of efficient code? Jan too! With a passion that doesn't stop at the end of the workday, Jan has perfected the art of programming. In his spare time, he participates in open source projects or turns his own ideas into code. He is passionate about DevOps and is constantly optimizing processes. With experience and enthusiasm Jan takes your projects to a new level.

Okay, let’s get started!

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Step one - appointment 🗓️

Scheduling an appointment for our free online initial consultation.

Step two - free initial consultation 💬

Identify potential and determine initial optimization strategies.

Step three - DevOps integration 🎉

Integrating the strategies into your business.