DevOps-Check: Do I Need DevOps?

By Ivan Popovic and Lukas Aichbauer | November 2, 2023 | 4 min read

TLDR; Are you facing manual processes, slow release cycles, incidents after launch, or poor team communication? These signs may indicate a need for DevOps in your workflow. Curious about potential time or budget savings from seamless DevOps integration? Take our brief DevOps-Check and discover your potential.

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What Are The Signs That I Need DevOps?

  • Lack of Communication & Collaboration: Is there a disconnect between parties involved in the product development (Dev, Ops, Sec, QA, PO, Stakeholders)? Are these groups working in silos? Fostering a culture of open dialogue and shared objectives is essential.
  • Low Deployment Frequency: Are updates deployed only once a week or less? If this is due to constraints and not a choice, optimizing your continuous delivery pipeline might be necessary.
  • High Change Failure Rate: Do new releases often bring bugs? Automated testing and proactive monitoring can lead to more stable deployments.
  • Long Time to Restore Service: Does recovering from incidents take hours or even days? Robust incident response protocols can reduce recovery times.
  • High Lead Time for Changes: Does rolling out a new feature take a long time? Automated processes and agile practices can shorten the cycle from idea to implementation.

Why Do We Miss These Signs?

  • “Everything is just fine” syndrome: Businesses often overlook inefficiencies, thinking “everything is just fine”. The belief that current success means there’s no need to evolve can be misleading. When reality strikes, competitors may have already taken the lead.
  • Ineffective communication: Is there a lack of communication between IT and business stakeholders? Decision-makers might not fully grasp the benefits of DevOps.
  • Misconception about DevOps: Misconceptions about DevOps exist. Some see it only as a set of tools or relevant only to large enterprises.
  • Lack of Awareness: Some companies may not fully understand what DevOps involves. This lack of understanding can lead to a perception that it is not necessary.
  • Limited Resources: Some smaller companies may think they can’t afford the investment needed for DevOps adoption.

Is There A Way To Check If I Need DevOps?

We at have developed a unique DevOps-Check. This check takes 5 to 10 minutes and reveals unused potential within your company. It is essential for those unsure if there is a need for change in their development lifecycle.

How Does The DevOps-Check Work?

Our DevOps-Check uses insights from DORA and Google research. It shows the percentage of unnecessary work you could avoid with DevOps principles.

  • Communication and collaboration
  • Continuous improvement
  • Automation of the product lifecycle
  • Customer-centric actions with short feedback loops

The DevOps-Check has 15 targeted questions around these topics. Your answers help pinpoint your company’s position in an international comparison. We factor in company size and weekly work hours to predict potential annual savings. You can use these savings to invest in innovative projects. This could include developing new features, testing ways to enhance your products, or boosting staff morale by cutting down on work hours.

What Is The Goal Of The DevOps-Check?

The DevOps-Check aims to highlight potential annual time and cost savings. It identifies opportunities for more meaningful investments.

What Are The Benefits Of The DevOps-Check?

  • Quantifiable Insights: The DevOps-Check equips you to present stakeholders with tangible results. These results are based on comprehensive research from DORA and Google.
  • Data-Driven Strategy: We believe business strategy should be data-based. It is not just about joining the DevOps trend; it’s about making informed decisions.
  • Transparency: Insights come directly from respected organizations like DORA and Google. We provide a clear window into the research, ensuring trust in its credibility.